Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Why Own A Drill?

Jason called me so excited and nearly out of breath.

"I got it!" he began, "I have finally achieved my entire life goal...I have been longing for this, I have been working for this...since I can remember this has been my dream, and now I have it!"

"You found what? You have been working for what?" I pleaded.

"Just come over right now, and I will show you."

I drove over and Jason was waiting on his porch and was literally bouncing up and down. He took me into his living room and pointed to a huge glass display case sitting in the center of the room.

"There, you see? I am now totally complete."

I looked in the display case and there, under a bright light and laying on polished glass was Jason's purpose for existing. Sitting in front of me was a power drill.

Before you think Jason to be just a sandwich shy of a picnic, think about this: Why would anyone want a drill? I mean really, who really wants to own a drill? Isn't the only point of owning a drill to make a hole?

No one, in their right mind, would view owning a drill as their "point", their mission, their purpose, right? Right? ....right? Well, not so fast. If the only reason to own a drill is to make a hole, who would think a drill is the purpose? Well, you, might.

What is the reason (read "hole" here) you went into business? Your business, your position, your leadership is a drill, not the hole. YOU, are not a hole.

Growing is not a hole...
Bigger is not a hole...
Money is not a hole...
Branding is not a hole...
Power is not a hole...

There are many leaders who have no idea what their hole is supposed to look like, (or even if they should make one) so they make their drill the point.

The hole IS the point, the mission, the purpose. The hole is the WHY!

What shape is your purpose? Is it round, open, deep, allowing for something or someone to fit in, a space for something to happen?

Or have you made your purpose look more like a dysfunctional handgun with no bullets?

   ---Rix done