Wednesday, March 7, 2018

The 10 Myths Killing Success: Myth Four - Ability

Myth Four - Ability

This is the Third preview of my new eBook titled 
"The 10 Myths Killing Success.  (and how to defeat them)"

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See if any of these myths have stopped you from finding clarity and moving forward:

 Myth Four - Ability

Jeannette looked at me and said, "I want to run another marathon."  
"Another?"  I thought to myself.  How in the world did this girl ever even run one?  I mean, look at her...she was 35 years old, had three kids, and didn't look "fit" at all.  But there she was telling me she wanted to run another one.

Long before most of will ever "do something" we were already capable.  Probably the most deadly words any human can string together is, "I can't".  In fact, most of the great historical failures occurred when someone simply didn't do something.  I know, there is no huge book of "Things Not Done." but trust me, they are all there.  

The amount of energy most of us put in creating reasons why we can't act, move, think, create, finish, start, or succeed would probably light a small city for a month.  The lie here is that somewhere along the way, we became convinced that there must be a tremendous amount of ability, talent, skill - call it what you will - for our own personal success.  

So we settle for the most prevalent slurry of human failure - mediocrity.  

There is no great thing humans have ever accomplished that had to wait on ability to achieve.  Accepting the myth that one must be "able" or fit, or has arrived, means that very little will ever happen in your life.

As Jeanette took a swig from her protein shake, I wondered how a person like her could run a 26.2 mile marathon.  I wondered how she could run a mile. Heck, I couldn't wrap my brain around how she could run at all.  This unlikely marathon runner had no legs.  She ran the entire 26 miles on her hands.

If you believe you need ability to succeed, you have a long wait.