Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Myths That Kill Success - Myth 6: The Past

This is the  Sixth preview of my new eBook titled 

"The 10 Myths Killing Success (and how to defeat them)"

Myth Six - The Past

Well, not just any old past...YOUR Past.  We all have them.  No one can forget their past.   Some are healthy, some, not so much. 

Indeed, one's experiences do form us, 
                 change us, 
                       shear off the edges, create a few new ones,  
                                leave dents, polish the flat spots, 
                                             create a few scares...and some cuts that just won't heal.
Truly the one thing we all have in common is a past, a history of events, feelings experiences, ups, down, luck, decisions...All collectively called the Past.

Our Past can be a lot like gravity 
For some, the past can be a constant reminder of limitations...weight...and always knowing what would happen if they actually jumped off the edge.  

For others, the past can be like the massive orb in space that when traveled toward with just the right trajectory will sling-shot them off into amazing speed beyond their own limitations.

There is one very interesting and completely amazing decision we all have to make about the is a yes of no decision, a toggle switch, an agreement if you will:
We all can either take the past with us, or leave it where it is.  

That's right, the past has no ability to mobilize on its own.  The past has no legs, no motor, no propeller...nothing.  We either pack it up in our baggage, or we let it the past.

What your past does for you, good or bad, is totally your decision...

Ready to unpack for a while?

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