Friday, April 18, 2014

Want To Be Inspired?

OK, if you really want to be inspired, watch this short 2 minute video...then ask yourself, "Would you sit down?"

NOW, ask yourself,

would you sit down if:
....  all the people in the the theater were black?
....  all the people in the the theater were gay?
....  all the people in the the theater were Christian?
....  all the people in the the theater were Atheist?
....  all the people in the the theater were homeless?

Leadership is not defined by who I like, or who is like me....

Leadership is about knowing WHY....

For the record, I would hire any those folks who finally sat down.

-- Rix done

Friday, April 4, 2014

Start With The WHY

From time to time, we all stumble across an amazing find that makes us say, 
"YES!  That's what I mean!"

Ever see this guy?

Simon Sinek is that find for me.  Simon has a book called, "Start With Why".  (Amazon, iTunes)  This amazingly simple idea centers around The Golden Circle - just draw three concentric circles that look like a target.  On the outer most circle he draws the word "WHAT".  The next circle the word "HOW".  The inner circle is the single word: "WHY".

As Sinek observes, few ever get to the Why, but the Why is ultimately all that matters. No kidding!  Not much else matters.

What is your WHY?  Why do you do what you do?  Not What do you do, not even How do you do it....but WHY?  For the record, if you are not inspiring people, you really don't know your really, you don't!

Think you know your WHY?  I dare you to check out his website....then let me know.  For the record, after reading Sinek's book, I was really messed up for about a week.

Rix done