Friday, July 11, 2014

The Ten Myths Killing Success: Myth Three - Intelligence

Myth Three - Intelligence

This is the Third preview of my new eBook titled 
"The 10 Myths Killing Success.  (and how to defeat them)"

Feel free to share these excerpts with anyone you know who is trying to define success in their own life or business. 
See if any of these myths have stopped you from finding clarity and moving forward:

 Myth Three - Intelligence

Write this down, memorize it,  make a sign and put it on your bathroom mirror, heck, tattoo it on your eyelids if you need to, but commit this one truth to your core:  
The main difference between those who do it, and those who don't do it,
is those who do it, do it.

The notion that intelligence is required for success remains one of the most harmful myths that keep many people from even trying to get started.

I know why - with the dumbing down of education, the prevalent undercurrent of doubts about human potential, and the fact that society tends to reward mere intelligence - a gift no one works for -  from a young age, has convinced many of us that "I'm not smart enough to do (fill in the blank)... 

Interestingly, there is a very low correlation between raw intelligence and life achievement. Sure, there are some who breeze through educational pursuits, others who seem to "know everything," and for the rest of us, it seems like they just got a head start in life.  

But in the long run, not even in the end yet, just as time goes by, those who really succeed are those who simply DO IT!  The people who ignore the fact that they are not smart enough, and just go ahead and succeed, succeed.  Those who intentionally heal from a parenting style that tells them they don't have the brain power, succeed.  The people who simply have not entertained the idea that they needed more cerebral strength to actually start a business, create a service, invent a gizmo, or just flat work at it...those are the ones who succeed.

Why?   Because:
The main difference between those who do it, and those who don't do it,
is those who do it, do it.

Face it, you are NOT smart enough...and you never had to be... to succeed.

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