Friday, July 4, 2014

10 Myths Killing Success: Myth Two - Permission

Myth Two - Permission
This is the Second preview of my new eBook titled 
"The 10 Myths Killing Success.  (and how to defeat them)"

Feel free to share these excerpts with anyone you know who is trying to define success in their own life or business.  See if any of these myths have stopped you from finding clarity and moving forward:

Myth Two - Permission

The children obediently lined up one by one at the food line in the school cafeteria.  When the lunch attendant said, "OK, you can start" each child eagerly pushed forward to get their lunch.  You didn't have to tell them more than once to start grabbing fruit, milk and whatever the mystery meat was for the day.  All the needed was permission.

While we certainly applaud the kiddos for being polite and learning their manners and waiting until told, there is a big part of all of us that seem to think any achievement needs to same level of "allow-ability" before we can get going.  There is a very strong myth that somehow success, achievement, action..whatever you want to call it,  needs someone else to tell us it is OK to proceed.  

A young entrepreneur watches other more experienced business owners launch out, and wonders to herself, "I hope I can be that good someday..."  A middle aged man whose career has not flowered as he had once hoped, thinks to himself, "What if I could start over?"  A recent high school graduate pours through potential colleges and dreams, "Could I really be make it through Med School?"  

All three have the same stopping point.  The same block:  All three are waiting for someone to tell them it's OK to proceed, to get going, to take a risk, to JUMP!

So, here's the dark secret few know:  NO ONE will give you permission to pursue.  No one.  In fact, we are waiting on you to make the decision.  You stand at the edge of the imaginary diving board called "Life change" and frankly, no one is watching.  no one. 

If you are going to succeed, achieve, risk, jump out, then YOU are going to have to do it.  Stop waiting for the lunch lady to say, "OK, go on..."  There is no lunch lady at the front of the line.  YOU are at the front of the line... You don't need anyone's permission.  That decision, that dream, that hope, that next best life you have always wondered about... you know that one?  You know which one I am talking about?  THAT'S the one YOU need to pursue.  

(no one will give you permission - you don't need it anyway. 


  1. I'm not sure how I stumbled across your blog, but wow ...for one guy, at least's perfect.

    1. Don,

      Thank you very much. You are welcome here anytime! Brings some friends and let me know if any of this helps you in your life.

      Blessings, Rick Krug