Friday, June 27, 2014

10 Myths Killing Success: Myth One - Effort

This is the first preview of my new eBook titled 
"The 10 Myths Killing Success.  (and how to defeat them)"

Feel free to share these excerpts with anyone you know who is trying to define success in their own life or business.  See if any of these myths have stopped you from finding clarity and moving forward:

Myth One - The Myth of Effort

Through my growing up years, I was taught the following:  "Work hard in school so you can get good grades so you can go to a good college so you can get a good job."  While there's certainly nothing boldly false about this series of notions, it has become clear that mere "hard work" does not naturally spawn success. 

Don't get me wrong, there is no success without effort; success is not an accident waiting to happen.  But for those of us who bought into the idea that "trying harder" would "produce more and better results", we learned more out of bruising and beating that more and better does not come so easily.

Hundreds of years ago, medical science believed that leeches had a positive effect on human health.  Leeches: You know, those slimy slug looking critters that attaches to warm blooded animals and sucks their blood out for food.  In fact, this belief was so prevalent that we had seminars on leeching.  We gave out degrees in leeching.  We had leeching experts, leeching best practices, leeching farms.  We spent an enormous amount of energy, and effort on perfecting the "science" of bleeding people so that we could "balance the humors of the body."  

We spent lots of energy.  But we spent all that time, money, research, and effort on something not even effective.  We were gaining tons of knowledge, experience, and expertise on developing a strategy that ultimately was a failure.

How many businesses, personal lives, endeavors, governments, programs, dollars, are expended in efforts going the opposite direction to actual success?  

Is your effort producing success?  Or could you be leeching instead of curing?  What if your effort, as noble as it may seem, what if your effort is focused in the wrong direction?

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