Friday, June 6, 2014

I Want To Leave Peanuts

Imagine impacting your world so deeply, that every single weekend people all over America think about you…even 12 years after you die.

His name was Charles M. Schultz, and  he was the creator of “Peanuts” and characters such as Charlie Brown, Lucy, and Snoopy. 

Pick up any weekend cartoon page of your local newspaper, and there, in the top billed spot is “Peanuts” – week after week.  Last Sunday’s Peanuts cartoon was first published in 1965!  Talk about remaining relevant!

I’ll bet you can’t even name the Best Picture in 1965?  (Sound of Music) and there is no way, you remember who won Best Actor in 1965…you’ll have to look that one up.  I had to.

Is your message, life, actions, intentions, family, marriage, and legacy  going to last?  Even a year after you leave the world?  No, I am not saying everyone should feel they must impact the whole world.  But someone is watching you right now…seeking your advice, learning from your words, listening to your heart.  In fact, you are impacting people…like it or not. 
This is not a “feel good and smile” idea – this is real life.  We all impact others…

I want to leave the world with more Peanuts, and less shells.

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