Friday, June 13, 2014

The One Thing You Can Not See

Look around you right now.  I guarantee there is one thing that you simply can not see.  No, This is not a metaphysical allusion to "look inward young grasshopper."  Really, there is one thing in front of you...It is there.. keep looking....  It matters not where you are - it is there...but you can not see it.

The one thing none of us can see, is our own eye.  We use our eyes to see everything, but we can not view our own eye. (OK, all you literalists, I know about the mirror trick...just chill out and bear with me, K?)

We look at people, see their flaws, and note them. 
We look at another business, see the errors, and gloat in them. 
We look at a competitor's failures, and float them.... in the public pool of gossip.

Your eye can see everything, but itself.  Which is, of course, is why we are so blind to our own flaws, errors and failures.  But, before you anticipate this to be a shout-out to self-pity or self-abasement, hold the critique for a moment.

Being able to See, probably the greatest attribute of the physical body, means one can negotiate spatial relationships and not harm them self or others by simply moving about.  The ability to see means we can discern distance, appreciate colors, apprehend beauty, drive a car, run down a hill, give high fives, and hit a tennis ball.  When people are asked which of the five senses would be the worst to lose, the universal answer is sight.

What if God was giving us a message in this one single limitation of the incredible gift of sight?  Is it possible the reason we can't see our own eye is because the important stuff to see is out there?  My mentor, John Maxwell once said:
"With one trifling exception, the world is made up of others." 

Wish I had said that....wish I lived it better too!

   ----Rix Done

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