Friday, May 2, 2014

Actionate, Don't Caffeinate

We do all kind of things to 'get going." 

- listen to "motivational" speakers
- make more plans
- set better goals
- eat "healthier" food
- drink more coffee - (OK, so this one isn't so bad)

We try anything to get charged, ripped, pumped, hyped, psyched, excited, juices flowing, more in knowing, peaked, seeked, and amped and ramped

But the one thing that keep most of us from actually pulling it all off is this:  Action.

I have a friend who told me the most common reason for failure is FTI:  Failure To Implement.  He's right.  Ceasing action in favor of more thinking rarely accomplishes...anything.

You don't need more caffeine.  You need more action.

Are you moving?
or are you
getting-ready-to-think-about-planning-on-putting-into-place-a-strategy-that-will-become-the-means-by-which-all-other-intents-become-the basis-for-which-we-make-all-future-plans?

--Rix done

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